Charles McClelland

Director - Succession Plus UK Ltd

My passion is to make the world a better place, one business at a time. I help business owners understand themselves and create better, goal based outcomes, by following a structured process based around YOU and what you want for your future. I help them understand the things no-one has taught them yet, and dbring a series of light-bulb moments into thier lives.

I’ve helped business become better – better organised, better run, more profitable with higher value assets to the point that they are attractive to potential investors. Those companies than sell for a very good price to the delight of the owner, be it a trade sale, EOT, or something else.

At Succession Plus we focus on this journey, from business owner to exit – on your terms and we start by listening to you, and hearing what you want.
Then we invite you on a five stage, 21 step journey that maximises the value you get from your life’s work.
And just because you are ready to exit doesn’t mean you have to do it straight away – you can wait until you want to,

[editor’s note: This profile is only a few months old as I was no longer able to access it’s predecessor which dissappeared along with all my previous posts, courtesy of the wonders of Linked In. It’s been up since June 2022 and I appreciate all my old connections that re-connected, so thank you.]

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