Frankie Sheikh

Managing Director - Meta IT UK Limited

Telecommunications | VOIP | IT support | Connectivity | Audio / Visual | Communications | Consultant 


I’m not that great about writing about myself, I would love to write something witty or insightful but I am not Sathnam Sanghera, I hope this helps to give you a bit of background?

1) I studied acting at University, I so wanted to be an actor and whilst trying to break into the industry I took on a job in sales, knocking on doors and promoting different charities. The rest is history.

2) I soon moved back to London where I was given an opportunity to join a growing ISP. I fell in love with the industry and began using the skills I learnt at University and door-knocking to develop myself further. Actually, during my interview, I pitched my manager at the time as if I was on the doors again. I don’t think I’ve ever Hi Fived someone that many times but it got me the job!

3) I have worked with a number of big companies helping them receive better IT support and services.

4) My hobbies are going to the gym, eating and playing with technology

5) I am a family man, passionate about technology and helping educate businesses on the best ways to become more efficient

I believe in what I do and the power of IT to make the change! I always give 100% and believe honest and good advice is invaluable.

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