Ian Genius

Owner - Ian Genius - The Ingenious Alternative to Selling

Ian Genius – The Ingenious Alternative to Selling.

Want to fix your sales conversations to win more projects and turn current clients into cheerleaders for your business?

Are you struggling to demonstrate your value?

Do you feel slimy talking about money?

Are your clients picking your ‘bronze’ package over your ‘gold’?

Would you like to charge more money for your services?

Are your sales conversations fizzling out into nothing?

If you’d love to improve your sales without pushy sales techniques, then lets chat

Simply book your free 30min no-obligation 1-on-1 taster session, where you’ll learn:

How to demonstrate your value in pounds

How to simplify your pitch

How to encourage your prospect to see you as the ‘doctor’ and not the ‘salesman’

Just go to www.iangenius.co.uk to book your free taster session

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