Jason De Jonge

Principal - Recruitment Boutique

Born in Noth-West London, my early career was in the City Of London, moving from the back office to the Eurobond trading floor at Dean Witter Reynolds, then a move to F.B.I. ( not that one but Fundamental Brokers Inc.

I left the City and opened a men’s boutique in Carnaby St and built up two fashion brands whilst becoming involved running a bar and clubs.

Deciding to make a major career change in my early 30′ I set up Cotelligent UK , an aerospace design company and went on to win contracts from GKN, Airbus and Rolls Royce which led me to set up an office in Bandung, Indonesia.

The business evolved and became more focused on recruitment and we worked for the Oman military recruiting nurses for their hospitals whilst setting up a recruitment business in Poland that grew to employ over 120 contractors at any one time working for engineering companies across the UK.
I am now the Director of O.T. Client Services ( an outsourcing company specialising in back-office operations, recruitment and research) and Purple Fedora.

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