John Stanton

Process Mapping Consultant - Manging Director, Clearsight Consulting Ltd, Horsham


Companies across the country are incurring thousands of pounds in lost-revenue and missed opportunities, all because THEY DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT PROCESSES IN PLACE.

Clearsight was established in 2016 to help businesses better understand and improve upon the processes they currently use. Simply put, we bring ‘big company’ solutions to mid-size organisations.

We show our clients how they can release huge potential in their businesses by having a better understanding – and therefore control – of how they conduct their organisations.


?Deliver Cost Efficiencies
?Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance
?Build a Platform for Change
?Improve Customer Satisfaction
?Identify Time& Efficiency Savings
?Eliminate Process Inconsistencies
?Provide Comprehensive Maps & Support Documents

As Managing Director, I bring over twenty-five years’ experience within the financial services industry, combined with my passion for process capture and improvement.

I can clearly demonstrate that process maps that are accessible and understood by all staff will drive process improvement and provide better engagement across any organisation.

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