Michael Sivewright

Managing Partner - Valenta BPO

Michael Sivewright strives to see business grow and become profitable by harnessing the full potential of automation and the latest in technology. He’s always had a keen eye for what drives successful companies in the modern era, and this has led him to identify the proper harnessing of technology as the key to many of the largest corporations on earth today.

As a Managing Partner at Valenta, Michael helps businesses of all sizes access a vast portfolio of industry-leading services in digital transformation, robotic process automation, staff augmentation, and more — services previously exclusive to Fortune 1000 companies. He wants to see more business owners tap into the “secret ingredient” that allows some companies to innovate successfully while others don’t. This is the competence to adapt existing operating processes and exploit new opportunities that arise from technology.

Michael understands that different organisations require different implementation strategies. He encourages business owners to reach out to him to discuss how Valenta’s unique resources can help them grow and thrive far into the future. No matter what the business, his outlook for optimisation is guided by the basic principles of establishing process-oriented approaches, utilising automation to streamline those processes, and considering outsource/insource strategies.

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