Neville Walker

Patent Attorney , Managing Director - IPConsult, Swanage, Dorset

We assist companies turning over up to £20M in the UK and throughout the World, protect their inventions, designs and trade marks (IP assets) against costly criminal and civil infringements which can lead to massive waste of investment, shattered business plans, loss of precious management time, consequential reduction of sales and profit and damage to corporate reputation.
Neville worked at GEC-Marconi IP in 1987; moved to private practice in 1989, then to BTG where he managed the MRI IP portfolio, working in electronics and telecoms. In 1997 he handled licensing and IP due diligence during the floatation of Scipher. After a short period at Motorola, he started ipconsult in 2001 and now focuses on ‘SME’ businesses, assisting them to protect and optimise their IP.

In a global, and fiercly competitive commercial environment, where unscrupulous organisations actively track down opportunities to misappropriate and copy good ideas and produce and mass market substandard products, at a fraction of their true price, our clients invite us in to put in place protection strategies and structures they need in order to prevent this and protect their prized assets and investments.

email us at to set up a discovery call, after which you can decide whether or not we meet to explore if ipconsult is the right partner to assist your business guard against these threats. 

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