Time to get organised!

Old-fashioned processes, manual forms, repeating the same information over and over again when applying for products – really?  Luckily digital apps that auto-populate data and follow a familiar flow are helping to save us time.  Apps are even talking to each other.  But we now face the challenge of juggling multiple apps and dashboards… 

This is what we are doing to harness the potential of data and technology to make it work for small businesses.  

Get organised! 

Whether you are 100% cloud based on still have some spreadsheets and paper files lurking about, now is the time to get organised.  A Disaster Recovery plan isn’t much use if the things you need are stuck in the office you can’t access.  Now that we face being quarantined at a moments notice, it pays to be mobile and cloud based systems make this possible.

  • Get your key data organised:  Company number, VAT number, ERN, financial information – it seems we need these bits of data time and time again.  Secure note-taking solutions can help.  We are developing the Company Profile tool in Brisk to create a secure data profile that will automatically populate applications and save you time.
  • Use digital apps: Accounting platforms like Xero will save you loads of time.  Bolt-on cashflow management tools like Futrli will keep an eye on late-paying customers or over-due invoices that need paying.  If you are large enough, you may have an HR system like BreatheHR.  For smaller teams who don’t yet need a fully fledgedHR system, Brisk has a built-in time-off and absence tracker.

Let the tech do the work

Of course, you shouldn’t blindly follow the sat-nav, after-all, you are still accountable for your business.  But some of these tools can help:

  • Monitor news alerts about your company – google offer a free service
  • Keep an eye on negative customer reviews on social media – riskeye do this
  • Monitor credit ratings and alerts on key customers and suppliers
  • Connect your apps so they can share data (with your permission
What’s our answer to multiple dashboards?
A connected ‘hub’ the connects your data and systems to act as your own digital business assistant.  Taking some of the load off you, watching your back, helping you stay one step ahead.  Find out more at www.getbrisk.com

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