Email spoofing, phishing attacks and top tips

As if businesses haven’t got enough to contend with at the moment, it seems hackers and cyber criminals are doing their worst to exploit busy, pre-occupied business owners.  Here are just a few brought to you by a really useful blog from The Identity Organisation:

The latest UK Government Cyber Security Breaches survey (2020) shows that email phishing attacks are on the increase, with businesses seeing a rise from 72% to 86% since 2017.  Alas it seems that us humans and our own behaviour seems to be the weakest link in staying secure.  Here are some top tips from cyber security experts, cipher:

1. Keep Your Software Up to Date

2. Use Anti-Virus Protection & Firewall

3. Use Strong Passwords & Use a Password Management Tool

4. Use Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication

5. Learn about Phishing Scams – be very suspicious of emails, phone calls, and flyers

6. Protect Your Sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

7. Use Your Mobile Devices Securely

8. Backup Your Data Regularly

9. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

10. Review Your Online Accounts & Credit Reports Regularly for Changes

You can use the Cyber monitoring tools embedded in this Resource Hub to check the security of your website and monitor your email address with alerts if it has been found online in a data breach.  Find out more in the Tools section and take advantage of this free feature!

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